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Yes, I Can.

The Yes, I Can stage trilogy follows young people with a neurological disorder called Cerebral Palsy, or CP. This disorder can create drastic physical ailments that hinder everyday life, but that doesn't stop these protagonists. Yes I Can takes a heart-warming, comedic approach to showing the strength and hope within us all.


About the Playwright

Danielle Allen

      Danielle Allen has used her personal experiences living with a disability to show audiences the beauty of being unique in this humorous trilogy.

     "I have something that most people who are passionate about theatre don’t have: Cerebral Palsy. No special treatment is given to me and that is the way I like it. I have been on an interesting, and sometimes rough, path to show others that there is no difference between us. The trilogy is my first playwriting experience. The hope is to show the beauty in being unique no matter what obstacles.

     I have been involved with many aspects of theatre. Prop Mistress, Stage Manager, and Assistant Director are some of the roles that I have held in the past. I enjoy educating people about my disability and what affects it has in the theatre world. The response of the trilogy thus far is overwhelming to me. Sad and depressing are not the words that I want to come to mind when someone thinks about living with a disability."


Nope Into Hope

Candy Salad




Rory's back.

Rory is now a junior in college. The job he's striving for would be easy for most people, but he is not exactly the average person. He begins to learn that not everyone is as kind as they should be.

Rory's not average.

Rory Dawson, a teen with CP, is beginning his freshman year of college, and completes an assignment that will change his classmates' lives for the better. 

Liana's a star.

Fame, fans, and...romance? Liana didn't expect her world to turn upside down so quickly when she moved to Los Angeles. Since she has CP, she didn't  expect all the attention she was getting but especially the suspicious celebrity rumor--starring her. Join Liana in her journey.


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